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Flashing Rubber Duckies

Flashing Rubber Duckies
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Normally, we don't recommend putting electric things into your bathtub. But these little guys are so cool and cute (and presumably safe), that we had to offer them to you.

They're a set of colorful Rubber Duckies with some high-tech circuitry inside. Built into the bottom of the ducks are special sensors that activate when coming in contact with water. This makes the duck light up and flash different colors as they float around you in the bathtub.

When you remove them from the water, they automatically stop flashing.

One of our stupid employees bought home a set for his twin 3-year-olds to try out. Now, not only do the toddlers insist on taking the Flashing Duckies into the bath with them, but they also must float them around in the sink while they brush their teeth.

You get three different sizes of Flashing Rubber Duckies with each package. Batteries are built in, so you can begin your Flashing Duck Floatilla right away.