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Frozen Smiles Denture Ice Tray

Frozen Smiles Denture Ice Tray
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There's nothing more basic and simple than an ice cube. But if there's a way to make ice cubes disgusting and repulsive, leave it to Stupid.com to find it. Frozen Smiles makes ice cubes that look like life-sized dentures. Think about it -- What could be more revolting than taking a drink with someone else's teeth floating around in the glass? That's pretty much what you get with Frozen Smiles. Each tray is made from food-safe rubber and has molds for four sets of teeth. And it comes in a package that is as attractive as the the product is disgusting! So if you want to have fun at your next party, get Frozen Smiles Denture Ice Cubes. There'll be smiles everywhere.... even in the glasses.