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Hanukkah Duck

Hanukkah Duck
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Hanukkah Duck

Hanukkah duck


Throughout history, Rubber Ducks have played a major role. In ancient China, Rubber Ducks were so revered that worshippers would leave little dishes of hoisin sauce on temple altars. The Colossus Rubber Duck of Rhodes was so huge, its mighty squeak could be heard as far away as Constantinople.  

And then there was Iram, Mallard of the Maccabees! The story of Hanukkah is filled with miracles, but few match the tale of little Iram. Time and bandwidth forbid us from going into details here, but if enough people show interest, we might write a children's book on the subject.

And so we have this delightful Hanukkah Duck. This adorable, 4-inch rubber duckie proudly wears a yarmulke and a Star of David, and holds a dreidel in his left wing. (How he can play with it without fingers is yet another Hanukkah miracle story that needs to be told.)