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Lipsticks: Lip Locking Pigs

Lipsticks: Lip Locking Pigs
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Every time we turn on the news or open a newspaper, we see something about "Lipstick On A Pig." Now, we at Stupid.com know better than to get involved with this heated political battle. But we ALSO know how to exploit the hell out of anything in the public's mind. So, with that in mind, we bring you LIPSTICKS: LIP LOCKING PIGS. You get a pair of pigs with suction-cup snouts. So you can make them lock lips (i.e. kiss) or stick them on any flat surface. You can even put them on either side of a window and have the pigs kiss through the glass. What's the point? Hey, you're on Stupid.com. Who says there has to be a point. They're weird. We're weird. You're weird. So buy a pair.