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Lobster Claw Lollipop

Lobster Claw Lollipop
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Do you like bright, swirly Lollipops shaped like smiley faces? Well, this year all those Lollipops have been tossed into the ocean and been replaced with giant Lobster Claw Lollipops! They may snap at you or snip your nose but it's all in the name of fun. Try and keep them at an angle so you're not in direct aim of the Claw. Lick away friends at your crusty crustacean appendage. Unlike smelly, real Lobsters, these Lobsters are flavored like Strawberries and totally lick-able. Next time you press your face to the glass of the Lobster tank at the grocery store, don't think of licking those Claws. Those Lobsters know exactly what you're thinking and just may visit you tonight when you're asleep.