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Plaid Mop Slippers

Plaid Mop Slippers
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The next time you're forced to clean the mess you're living in it won't be quite as hard. Yes, there will still be splatters on the wall and an overflowing sink BUT the floor will always have a Mop glow. Thanks to your new Mop Slippers it's easy to clean the floor and be lazy! These Slippers gently scoot the trash and crumbs to the most unused areas of your floor as you walk. These accumulated trash piles then become easy to pickup and less than half the work you normally wouldn't do. It's just wonderful and bad housekeepers, single men, retired figure skaters, and procrastinators across the globe are raving about them. Get a pair for someone you love that doesn't make cleaning house a top priority or a priority at all. *Also works great for obsessive compulsive clean folks!