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Screaming Scream Doll

Screaming Scream Doll
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Screaming Scream Doll by Edvard Munch

Screaming Scream Doll by Edvard Munch

Cuddle up to a nightmare with the...


In 1893, a little-known Norwegian artist named Edvard Munch went to sleep after eating some bad herring. Shortly thereafter, he startled his wife when he woke up screaming, covered with sweat, and reeking of herring. Edvard had two choices -- he could shower or he could paint the nightmare he just experienced. 

Screaming Scream Doll by Edvard MunchHad he showered, Edvard might have held onto his wife a bit longer, but the world would never have had his most famous masterpiece, "The Scream."

And just as Edvard captured that herring-induced nightmare, this frightful toy captures the essence of his famous painting. Never in the history of dolldom has a toy so captured the angst and anguish of human existence.

And not only is the Scream Doll disturbing to look at -- but when you squeeze it, it actually screams!

The Scream Doll measures 12 inches tall, batteries are included, and it comes in a stunning Munch-inspired box. Sweet dreams!