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Three Stooges In Your Pocket

Three Stooges In Your Pocket
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THE THREE STOOGES IN YOUR POCKET Hey, porcupine! Listen up, or I'll squeeze the cider out of your adam's apple. Here's the greatest invention since the two-handed eye-poke -- The Three Stooges In Your Pocket is a small, electronic device that plays six lines from those masters of mayhem, the Three Stooges. Press a button and you might here Curley saying "I'm trying to think, but nothing happens," or his famous "Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!" Or maybe Moe will say, "Why you numbskull!" and then bonk someone over the head. The sound is impressively loud and clear. You'll be amazed how useful these words of wisdom can be, and they're guaranteed to liven up a boring business meeting, history class, or funeral. Should you purchase a Three Stooges in Your Pocket? Soitinainly!