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BBQ Grill Condiment Set

BBQ Grill Condiment Set
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Let's be perfectly frank...

Barbecuing can be more trouble than it's worth. You have to schlep EVERYTHING outside to the backyard... ketchup, mustard, relish, salt, pepper... (not to mention the food you're actually cooking).

And once you're outside, every insect in the western hemisphere makes a beeline for your feast. (Pickled mosquito relish, anyone?)

The BBQ Grill Condiment Set won't solve all your cookout problems, but it may make it a lot more fun.

It's a miniature BBQ Grill cleverly designed to hold your cookout essentials. There's a ketchup and mustard dispensers, salt and pepper shakers, and a ceramic relish tray.

The BBQ Grill Condiment Set is made of metal, and the wire grill cover protects your relish from any bugs who want to crash your party. The whole adorable set measures about 8" x 5" and is very well constructed.

It comes in a pleasant box, so it would make a thoughtful present if someone invites you to a cookout. In fact, we're sure it's a gift they'll always relish.


(Pun Count: For those of you keeping track, there were exactly three terrible puns in the above description. "perfectly frank," "beeline," and "always relish." Had enough? Send your complaint to stopthepuns@gmail.com.)