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Barack Obama Prank Gift Pack

Barack Obama Prank Gift Pack
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The Obama Kit is more Obama than you'll ever need! You'll be rolling in Obama Toilet Paper wherever you find it best to unwind and let it fly. You can even sip on an Obama cocktail in your new Light-Up "Support Communism" Obama Cup while using one of your 6 "Obama Sucks" Straws. You'll be having a big ol' Obama party, especially when you pop open the Obama Candy Poopers and let them fly into your mouth! With all these Obama goodies going around, make sure to hold your 2 Obama Condoms high. With the election right around the corner, you're at the perfect spot to load up on all the Obama paraphernalia you can get! Remember every time you buy The Obama Kit, a politician gets his wings or loses them... I can't remember.