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Batman Ice Cube Tray

Batman Ice Cube Tray
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The Caped Crusader is stopping by for a drink tonight. You can find his signature logo in your glass, keeping all your other Cubes safe and sound. They'll be no foul play at your cocktail party and Commissioner Gordon can rest assured. You can finally make your party an instant success with this cool Ice Tray... hint, hint. Simply fill the mould with water, tonic water for blacklight glow, chocolate, ice cream, jello, or anything else you can think of. Let the Tray freeze or sit overnight and say hello to the Batman. You'll be having a blast with your friends at Wayne Enterprises, having drinks and toasting all night. You are safe when Batman is on the watch but always remember that the Joker, Catwoman, or Bane could be watching from the dark corners of your Suarez.