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Bendable Jesus Toy

Bendable Jesus Toy
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Get Bendy with Jesus and rejoice in his ambidexterity. This Bendable Jesus of Nazareth Toy is fun for all ages since he likes to cling to things in your car, at your desk, in your room and so many other places. He guides you to do things as he would, with great buoyancy. The king of all kings comes adorned in a red and white robe. He wears his signature sandals and his curly hair. We hear he makes wine out of water and can make one loaf of bread into several. He's pretty much the coolest guy in the entire universe and it's not just because he's Bendable. If we put Gumby and our Bendable Jesus in a boxing match, it's obvious who'll be walking on water. Get your own personal Jesus and let all bask in the glory of his majesty.