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Haunted Prank Monster Eyes

Haunted Prank Monster Eyes
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Get ready for the fright of your life. As you slide open the closet door and start to move through the hangers all of a sudden a violent commotion and angry growling shake the whole space. You fall back in terror and then notice a deep red glow of evil eyes busting through the riot in your closet. You scramble for a way out of the room. You are shaking and calling for your mother. Everyone runs out of their rooms and rushes to your aid. In tears and on the floor you explain the Monster in the closet when your father breaks into uncontrollable laughter. Like a good dad, he planted the evil Prank Monster in your closet. After hours of screaming and you make amends, we bet you'll be taking this good ol' scare to the hedges by the front door to make sure people don't forget your house and the creatures that live in it.