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I Heart Bacon 2015 Wall Calendar

I Heart Bacon 2015 Wall Calendar
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Set loose on the seven Bacon Seas this year with this "I Heart Bacon" 2015 Wall Calendar. The strips will literally fly off the skillet and onto your Calendar so make sure to keep it away from the stove. Each month is a full 2-page spread full of funny, Bacon facts and tidbits of knowledge. You'll be really darn hungry every time you check your Calendar but it could be worse, right? Perhaps attach a bag with Bacon in it to help with the cravings as you write in your Dr. appts, meetings, e.t.c.. Sure, Bacon is a large part of your life but ponder this fact straight from the Calendar: "Bacon is the one of oldest processed meats in history. The Chineses began salting pork bellies as early as 1500 B.C." Fascinating, huh? Now, I'm starving.