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Liquid Ass - Disgusting Fart Spray

Liquid Ass - Disgusting Fart Spray
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Get ready to scream and gag like you haven't since you discovered the backup in your septic tank last summer. This outrageous prank Spray smells like a mixture of poop, ass, sewage, death, and compost all in one! You can really clear a room or 6 with this concentrated mixture. Simply spray once or twice in the dedicated area and watch as eyeballs bulge and trigger the vomit waterfalls. The nice thing about this Spray is well... nothing. It's actually horrific but it doesn't require any glass breaking like a traditional stink bomb and can be easily sprayed wherever you desire without any mess or notice of your deceitful action. Your family may disown you, your friends may turn from you, and your pets may poop on your favorite clothes but you'll always have the best revenge.