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Make People Think Youre Normal Book

Make People Think Youre Normal Book
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How to Make People Think You're Normal contains humor for people who are so smart, normal people don't understand them. Normal people drive Toyotas and nails. If you drive a Rolls Royce, we would have to consider you abnormal. Also, the author has been told that it's normal, having failed once, to quit trying. Therefore, if you are persistent and determined, you should probably consider yourself abnormal or possibly obnoxious. Normal people complain incessantly, so if you are not a whiner, can you still consider yourself normal? ... In How To Make People Think You're Normal you will also find out what normal people usually don't do: such as asking airport security to hold their grenade while they empty their pockets; Gargling with Drain-O; Using their foreheads to break chunks out of their driveways; Dining on the flowers in front of their houses ...