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Mardi Gras Costume Kit

Mardi Gras Costume Kit
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The time for beads, bourbon, and bars is upon us again! Well, it's actually that time every day but this time of year is extra special. The 21st of February marks the day of Mardi Gras in New Orleans preceded by a weekend of extravagance and celebration. Let your inner clown out by getting all decked-out in the traditional colors of the season. The Jester themed Sunglasses and Headband will suit you as you stumble wildly into the streets in search of beads. Let your humor loose and your jingle bells ring as you cross the street wearing your own caution sign. The sky will rain beads and King Cake upon you and the gumbo will boil. Get those Craw-fish ready and your jazz band tuned, something tells me you'll be leaving a lot in Louisiana.