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Miss Army Knife

Miss Army Knife
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One of the world's most useful inventions of all time is the classic Swiss Army Knife. So what does the world's most useful invention become when upgraded? The Miss Army Knife! This radically perfect invention has all the tools of the Swiss but with a few built in specials for ladies or gentlemen who need a few extras. Specials like a perfume bottle, full mirror, safety pin, needle and thread, ruler, pill box, tweezers, nail file, flashlight, bottle opener, screwdriver, corkscrew, scissors, pen, and Keychain. Are you gnawing at the bit to get your hands on this gadget deluxe? You can change a lock, fix your makeup, and sew your hemline at the same time. You'll be the handiest person in the neighborhood. You'll start charging for your handiwork and soon you'll be given the key to the city. Then you can attach it right to your Miss Army Knife Keychain and get back to work.