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Spinmallow - Automatic Marshmallow Turner

Spinmallow - Automatic Marshmallow Turner
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Primitive Man used to toast marshmallows by simply holding them over an open flame. This burned the skin off their knuckles. Over thousands of years, this painful practice led to Modern Man's having relatively hairless knuckles. But before you go feeling all superior, we haven't really advanced very far in the marshmallow department. We toast marshmallows on the ends of sticks, and must strain ourselves by manually turning the sticks over the open flame. Sometimes the sticks catch fire and the whole shebang falls into the campfire. But finally, Modern Science has taken marshmallow toasting into the space age --- The Spinmallow is a motorized contraption that automatically spins your marshmallow over the fire. Just place a marshmallow on the end, extend it over the fire, press the button, and let the Spinmallow do the work. The stainless steel skewer telescopes up to 29 inches, so you can sit safely away from the flames. It will rotate your marshmallow at 186 RPMs, which according to recent research, is the optimal speed for toasting marshmallows. Includes a built in flashlight and carabiner for belt loop convenience!! The Spinmallow operates on 2 AA batteries (not included) and can also be used for cooking hot dogs (hot dogs not included, either).