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Star Trek: Spock & Uhura Potato Heads

Star Trek: Spock & Uhura Potato Heads
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Leitenant Uhura and Mr. Spock are here to take you into deep space once again. Deep space, not the deep frier! Potatoes don't like that thought. So they will beam you up and aboard the USS Enterprise to travel with them on exotic journeys through the galaxy. There will be many bumps along the way, luckily both Spock and Uhura are highly logical and ridiculously smart. If only some of that could rub off on us. Anyway, the ship may actually be your room but they'll sit atop your collector's shelf looking pretty awesome in uniform. They'll protect you from Klingons and Borgs that should pose a threat to your environment. Enjoy places no man has gone before with 2 awesome Potato Heads.