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The Remarkable Hamster Clock

The Remarkable Hamster Clock
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It's a well-known fact that hamsters are the most punctual creatures in the animal kingdom. Before clocks and watches were invented, people used to strap hamsters on their wrists to tell the time of day. It was not uncommon to hear passersby say, "Look at the time -- It's half past hamster!" Switzerland became famous for watches -- not because they were brilliant engineers -- but because their indigenous hamsters were exceptionally accurate timekeepers. So you can see why Stupid.com is so excited to offer this incredible Hamster Clock for your consideration. It's by far the most remarkable clock we have ever seen. The colorful Hamster Clock features a furry, mechanical hamster inside of a hamster exercise wheel. Once every minute, THE HAMSTER RUNS and the hamster wheel goes around one revolution. The wheel is connected to an intricate series of 12 gears -- So when the hamster wheel goes around, it makes the clock's minute hand move 1-minute forward. But we've save the most astounding fact for last -- the entire clock is DRIVEN BY THE HAMSTER. The timing mechanism is INSIDE THE HAMSTER itself. Each minute, when it starts to run, it forces the wheel around, setting the clock in motion. It must have taken a lot of engineering to get everything exactly right, but the clock works perfectly. The only drawback is that when the clock starts spinning each minute, it is kind of noisy. But what can you expect -- you have a running hamster robot, 12 gears, and a spinning exercise wheel -- it's gonna make some noise. The Hamster Clock comes carefully packaged in an illustrated box and contains complete instructions. It uses 4 D Batteries and 2 AA batteries (not included). If you are looking for unusual gift, the Hamster Clock is utterly unforgettable. Your kids will love it, your friends will love, even you will love it. But don't tell youself your getting it -- let be a surprise!