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Wish-O-Saurus Birthday Candle Holder

Wish-O-Saurus Birthday Candle Holder
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Do you ever wish your birthday would get a little wilder than it's been in the past? Last year, Grandma sat on the Cake and the year prior the cat used it as a scratch post. I wish a Dinosaur would just burst out of the jungle and let loose on this dead pan party! Well here he is, the Wish-O-Saurus Candle Holder direct from the Jurassic Party. He knows how to make Birthdays fun and he's not afraid of a little fire to stir the mood. You can light all 10 Candles on his back and he won't even flinch. He can even come out and play at every single party since he's made from food-safe plastic and loves to be washed. There's nothing cooler than a hillside of grazing Wish-O-Saurs grazing with the brightness of one hundred Candles, literally.